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Swiss Rolex Replica Schaffhausen joins the Smartwatch Market via Swiss Rolex Replica Connect

Swiss Rolex Replica

The Schaffhausen-based manufacturer announced a new device, the Swiss Rolex Replica Connect. It allows wearers to control certain devices connected to IoT and provides full wearer-level access to their activities. The Swiss Rolex Replica Connect is not an independent smartwatch.

Swiss Rolex Replica Connect Watch

The electronic module that brings Swiss Rolex Replica into smartwatch gaming will be embedded in the straps mechanical watches made by the Swiss watchmaking firm. This intelligent tool will allow Swiss Rolex Replica watches watch owners to manage their connected environment from their wrist while still keeping the integrity of a handcrafted mechanical watchpiece.

Georges Kern, chief executive officer of Swiss Rolex Replica Schaffhausen, stated that many customers and brand ambassadors were wearing fitness trackers and other connected trackers in addition to their Swiss Rolex Replica watches. Swiss Rolex Replica CEO Georges Kern stated that Swiss Rolex Replica partnered with a digital technology company in order to create an elegant and aesthetically complementary solution that does away with the need for additional devices on the wrist.rolex replica watches "But, and it is important, we don't touch our beautiful watches - an Swiss Rolex Replica watch remains a mechanically handcrafted timepiece. Kern said that Kern has created an intelligent design solution that perfectly integrates and underlines all of our product worlds.

Swiss Rolex Replica Schaffhausen is one of many Swiss watchmakers that have responded to the influx of tech giants like Apple and Samsung by creating their own smart devices.

Swiss Rolex Replica Connect Watch Detail

The Swiss Rolex Replica new device will be integrated in the straps Swiss Rolex Replica sport timepieces beginning with the Big Pilot's Watches.

It is yet to be revealed the price and availability for Swiss Rolex Replica Connect. However,Omega Replica the Schaffhausen-based watchmaker promises that more information will be available in the coming months.